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The number of vistiors that can be sent

If you're planning to use PPPoE, VPN, or 4G/5G modes with the bot, these modes will change the whole IP of your computer. So, at the same time, you'll have control over only 1 IP (unlike the proxies where you can get access to multiple IPs simultaneously). So, by using these modes the number of visitors that you can get will depend on the settings you apply for the software. If you want the IPs to stay on the page for 1 minute, you will get 60 different IPs per hour. However, by using the multi-threading feature, you can send these 60 different IPs to different websites at the same time! So, technically you would get much higher views/sessions.
Also, if you're planning to use the proxy mode, you don't need to worry about the IP thing. If you buy rotating proxies, your proxy provider will take care of changing IPs and you'll get access to more than 1 IP at the same time.


We’ve added the Threading feature since version 1.5.4. However, it is not technically possible to have more than 1 thread with different IPs by using the PPPoE, VPN, or 4G/5G modes because the software changes your public IP on those modes.
If you’re using the PPPoE, VPN, or 4G/5G modes and also you want to use more than one thread with the same IP (like sending traffic for different websites simultaneously), you can enable Multi-Threading, which will help you get the best of it. In this case, the bot will change the IP after the sessions are ended. You can find more information about the Multi-Threading feature in this Twitter thread.
NOTE: If you’re willing to use the proxy mode, the threads will have different IPs if you add a proxy list. So, you don’t need to worry about IPs in this case.

The number of threads that you can open depends on your hardware specifications and internet connection speed; you can easily run 5 threads with 8 GB Of RAM and +4 CPU cores. Basically, each “Free” CPU core is able to handle 5-10 threads, So If you’re using a 12core CPU, you can use about 60-120 threads.